BallistiCrete™ NIJ Level 3 and NIJ Level 4 protective coating is plaster mixed and applied onsite with exceptional ballistic impact resistance. The superior ceramic like strength and hardness qualities are designed to stop all hand gun bullets and most rifle bullets, including armor piercing rounds. 

It is environmentally friendly while providing strength, durability and economy. It forms a strong bond to many substrate materials such as cement blocks, cement board, gypsum board (drywall) brick and stucco with tensile and bond strength exceeding the strength of the substrate in many cases.

It can be applied as a single coat from 5/8” or incrementally layered up to 2” thick depending on application. A paint finish is recommended after complete curing has taken place in 5 days. BallistiCrete  is a natural off white color and is pre-blended and mixed with conventional plaster mixing equipment. It can be pumped and sprayed or hand troweled. 

BallistiCrete comes in a 2 part package and both are mixed together onsite. Working time is approximately 1 hour at 60-70F and can be finished smooth, stamped or textured.


BallistiCrete is designed to be environmentally responsible and sustainable. It emits no pollutants even in contact with fire, no smoke, no flame and no VOC’s. The Product meets emission level requirements of GREENGUARD product quality testing. BallistiCrete does not support the growth of mold and mildew and is non-allergenic, utilizing only natural earth friendly materials and contains no silica sand.

In hostile environments where safety from small arms fire is needed,  BallistiCrete offers the protection you need. H.P. White Laboratory tested and passed NIJ Level III and NIJ Level IV Armor Piercing. Tested against 7.62 x 39 AK and 7.62 x 51 NATO, 30.06, .30AP, .40 Cal. 9mm, 357 magnum, .44 and .45 magnum, multi shots Uzi automatic machine gun fire and even Desert Eagle .50 caliber rounds, BallistiCrete can stop penetration into the structure. Easy to apply to the substrate for quick application, turns almost any room into a “safe room” protected environment. If you are looking to convert existing rooms or buildings into bullet resistant environments without calling attention to local threats, interior coatings can be applied quickly and quietly without the need for specialized machinery. 

BallistiCrete is an ideal interior coating in neighborhoods suffering with drive-by shootings, banks, schools, police departments, military installations, embassies, restaurants, night clubs, hospitals, retail stores, safe rooms, house interior walls, offices and anywhere requiring bullet resistance. BallistiCrete is approved by the Governments of the USA, Mexico and Thailand. Cast into panels, BallistiCrete is ideal for firing ranges, shoot houses or protecting equipment or personnel.


  • Provides a hard, durable coating over many wall surfaces, over 8,500 PSI (typically 9,000+ PSI) compressive strength (Per ASTM C109)

  • Applies directly over gypsum board, EPS foam, existing stucco, cement board, CMU blocks or wood substrates using mesh impregnated BallistiCrete.

  • Noncombustible building material (Per ASTM E136)

  • Zero flame spread, and zero smoke developed indices (Per ASTM E84)

  • Resistant to mold and mildew growth (Per ASTM G21)

  • When applied over EPS foam, BallistiCrete™ meets ICC building code required fire protection requirements (Per UBC 26-3; NFPA 286; and IBC Section 803.2.1, Corner Room Fire Tests).

  • Meets all the emission level requirements of the GREENGUARD Product Quality.

  • Can be applied to create both smooth and textured finishes; and, it can be painted.

  • Pre-formulated mix, needs only mixing on site, nothing to add.

  • Mix and apply using pumps/sprayers or troweled by hand.